Rua do Sol


Artistic Area

Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music & Sound, Visual Arts, Film & Video


Rua Duque de Loulé, 202
4000-324 Porto Portugal


+351 934 015 668


Rua do Sol is an independent selfmanaged space for the experimentation and production of new languages and contemporary art forms. It works as a cultural research center and an interdisciplinary creative platform that encourages the flux of ideas between different
communities and fosters the production of critical thinking about the world we live in. The artist collective Rua do Sol views artistic practice as a space open to the questions and contradictions necessary for the emergency of alternative scenarios of critical reflection. Its activity is intimately connected to the associative context of the building where it is based, promoting through its regular programming activity – exhibitions, concerts, performances, film screenings, talks and other activities – a sharing environment where the conceptual and aesthetic debate strengths the community bonds.


Individual or collective artists, national and international, from all areas. Individual or collective curators, national or international, from all areas.

The selection is made mainly through invitation though we will also consider fully documented projects sent to us by email.


Rua do Sol is located within Círculo Católico de Operários do Porto's (CCOP) building, close to the Faculdade de Belas Artes in a very lively part of town characterized by a blooming artistic scene and the existence of a plurality of artists studios and alternative spaces. The collective's dynamics are intertwined with CCOP's where there is a café, meeting space for socializing, an auditorium, and interior and exterior sports facilities.

Additional info

Residency space

   •    Private bedroom in shared apartment
   •    Working space (20 m2) in shared studio
   •    Access to the workshop with tools available

Exhibition room

   •    Gallery space (80 m2)
   •    CCOP’s café can also be used for talks and screenings
   •    Audiovisual material such as video projector, TV screens and DVD players
   •    Other parts of CCOP’s building might be available to use


 4000€-6000€ - In Residence grant / Porto City Council