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Performing The Archive, Lda.


Alameda do Dr. António Macedo, Nº75-119, Loja 13 e Loja 15 (1ºandar)
4250-053 Porto



Performing the Archive is a platform for registering visual and cultural practices and documents related to performance art and an open workspace, a manifesto on how the archive can be dynamised by reflecting future uses and new approaches.
Since 2023 it has been operating a new open space in the Cidade Cooperativa da Prelada, with residency and working conditions for artists and researchers.


The space adapts to any area of artistic creation, although it does not provide tools.

Artist residencies are held by invitation or by direct proposal from the artists.


Performing the Archive has two spaces: an office, archive and library room and a space for programming performances, film screenings and research laboratories, where guests who come to work with the archive and or for personalised artist residencies can stay, accompanying the creative process and the production of works of art.

Additional info

 Room with office, archive and library: 60 m2;
Space for performances, film screenings and research laboratories: 125 m2;

The space adapts to the development of work in different subject areas. It is equipped with:
- 1 double bed and 2 single beds;
- 1 kitchen;
- 1 full bathroom;
- 1 desk and several worktables;
- 1 projection screen and 1 video projector;


4000-6000€ - InResidence grant / Porto City Council