Artistic Area

Visual Arts, Music & Sound, Film & Video


Rua Diogo Botelho, 1327
4169-005 Porto


 The School of Arts of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, through pursuit of its programme of activities, aims to establish itself as an important art centre. In addition to its normal academic work and multidisciplinary research, the School of Arts hopes to foster creation and dissemination of different artistic languages. Beyond the students’ regular academic and curricular training, the School aims to foster stimulating contact with different artistic realities, and open its doors to the local community, through initiatives involving the general public.
In this context, the School aims to position itself at the intersection between cinema and the visual arts, identifying artists who have worked in both fields, and showing proposals that may be described as "cinematic art" or "expanded cinema". Artists in residence at the School of Arts will organise an exhibition in the School’s gallery and work with students and current artistic projects, in a climate of "contagious inspiration" between artists and students. Artists will also advance ongoing works, using the School’s technical and human resources. 
The School also plans to organise Curatorial Residencies, inviting distinguished curators, who will visit the School to participate in the creative work of students and artists in residence, and also make visits to the city’s artistic community and venues (museums, ateliers, galleries, etc.).


Target audience

Individual artists and groups of artists, from Portugal and abroad, with relevant activity in the field of the visual arts, film and video, music and sound.



The type of residencies and vacancies will vary in function of ongoing projects.

Applications will be primarily made after receiving an invitation. Selection will be based on analysis of proposals. Applicants should send a dossier with a project description and their artistic goals, letter of intent, online portfolio, artistic CV and proposed date and duration for the residency.

In the application, the artist(s) should also include a proposal for a public exhibition or presentation featuring the works produced in the artistic residency. 


 The School of Arts has two brand-new buildings, with customised features suited to its needs: sound and image, and conservation and restoration. In this context, the School has state-of-the-art technology for film production and post-production – one of the characteristics that distinguishes it from other film schools – as well as technical resources for the development of multimedia projects.
It also has facilities shared with the Universidade Católica as a whole: two bars, restaurant, canteen, library.

Additional info

Various individual or group work rooms
  • Exhibition Hall with 125 m2
  • Workshop for multimedia creation
  • Painting workshop
  • 60m2 Motion Capture studio able to capture human motion using a Motion Capture Vicon system
  • 50m2 surround sound mixing studio, acoustically equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and software
  • 50m2 TV, Cinema and Chroma-Keying studio, prepared for cinema, television, photography, architectural lighting and art exhibition.
  • 10 sound and video production rooms, with audio and video workstations installed with industry standard software
  • Digital and analogue photography laboratories
  • Photographic studio
  • Auditorium with a capacity for about 400 people, equipped with the latest projection and sound technology.