Artistic Area

Performing Arts


Rua da Fontinha 77,
4000-241 Porto



A Turma is an artistic structure in the field of the performing arts. Its repertoire includes fundamental contemporary dramaturgy; free adaptations from classics, essays or other literary texts; and original own texts. the performing and dramaturgic research about language and human relations are its strongest premise. A Turma is, since 2018, a structure financed by the portuguese republic - ministry of culture / DGArtes.


Eligible Applicants

Performing and/or visual international artists, from all artistic areas.


By sending project dossier with synopsis, artistic record, biographical note of the team involved, proposal for duration / schedule of the residence, links to useful information (websites, videos, information from previous projects ...).


A Turma seeks to welcome an artist from the performing arts and / or visual arts, for the development and presentation of his project in a space around 200m², splitted on a black box (50m²), office/ meeting room (40m²) and workshop space (40m²).

Additional info

• Blackbox with about 50m2 (5m x 10m) - black carpet covered floor;
• Workshop space - table for 10, leisure space with sofas and a space with microwave and kettle;
• Workshop space - materials and tools not included;
• Located in Porto downtown, with an easy access location.


4000€-6000€ - Bolsa In Residence / Câmara Municipal do Porto