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Calçada da Póvoa 65
4000-022 Porto



A Leste is a space and a time for discussion, transdisciplinary experimentation and critical thought in which converge different forms of knowledge and experience. A cultural platform where individual and collective creation that aims to reflect about different ways of being and living together and sharing a sense of community based on the recognition of each other’s singularities.
The project aims to be a place of hospitality and connexion where different kin constellations can co-emerge and from where a network based on ideas of empathy, care and radical tenderness can be created; a place to share the yearnings, desires and concerns that shape artistic practices, discussing poetic and political possibilities, recharge the imagination and direct the attention to transformative actions of our surroundings.


Eligible Applicants: 
Individual or collective artists from all artistic areas and backgrounds

The selection is usually made by invitation; other proposals will eventually be considered through our email studio.aleste@gmail.com as long as documented as follows:
- CV and/or artist bio
- Portfolio and/or links considered relevant
- Brief description of the project


A Leste is an old 350m2 garage/warehouse situated in the parish of Bonfim and an area of growing cultural ebullition within the city. The space has been refurbished and adapted since 2018 and is divided into different areas of activity: shared studio, workshop, gallery space, kitchen, and a common meeting space also equipped for conferences, film screenings, talks, concerts.

The artists receive:
- Accomodation in small mezzanine room adjacent to the studio space
- 15 m2 8approximative) studio space
- Access to equipped workshop
- Ilimited access to common areas and kitchen
- Technical and logistical support for the creation and set up of the works and the exhibition

Additional info

- Shared studio
- Exhibiting space of approximately 100m2
- Common use library
- Audiovisual material for use depending on availability and previous agreement


4000€-6000€ - In Residence grant / Porto City Council