Ateliers da Lada


Artistic Area

Visual Arts


Largo dos Arcos da Ribeira 114,
4050-062 Porto

Vítor Rodrigues


Located in the eastern entrance of the Ribeira Tunnel, the building occupied by the Ateliers da Lada, designed by the architect Virgínio Moutinho in 1997, was originally conceived to host artists in residence. Installed on the slope overlooking the Douro River, with a metallic structure that is reminiscent of the nearby Ponte D. Luís bridge, the space has four studios designed for artistic practice.
The space will reopen in 2020 as the main hub of the Municipal Ateliers of Porto and aims to provide a workspace for individual or collective visual artists.


The Ateliers da Lada has 4 studios with private bathrooms.

Studio 1 - 43.9 m2
Studio 2 - 30.4 m2
Studio 3 - 45.8 m2
Studio 4 - 45.6 m2