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Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music & Sound, Criticism & Literature, Film & Video

Maus Hábitos


Rua Passos Manuel,178 - 4º
4000–382 Porto

Saco Azul


Maus Hábitos is an independent and emblematic cultural space in the city of Porto, which includes an auditorium, exhibition room, bar, restaurant and an area for artistic residencies. It is also the headquarters of the cultural association, Saco Azul, which is responsible for most of its artistic programming. Maus Hábitos operates an active artistic and musical programme, hosting various concerts, parties and DJ sets, as well as numerous artistic events, ranging from exhibitions, performances, installations, projections and conversation sessions. The venue serves all audiences, and is open about 80 hours a week, with an average of 5,000 visitors per month. Maus Hábitos, together with Saco Azul, develops national and international residency projects based on the desire to create joint productions and connections with various alternative or institutional spaces in Porto, as an alternative to conventional artistic residency formats. Using a wide network of partners, it seeks to offer various residency possibilities, operating as an axis between independent spaces, institutional entities, galleries, private collections, museums, workshops, technological production spaces and studios, artists and collectives. The residencies can culminate in the presentation of works at Maus Hábitos (in the auditorium or exhibition room) or in partner spaces.



Individual or collective artists, Portuguese or international, in all fields.


Spontaneous Residencies: Proposals are analysed after sending a dossier with a description of the project and artistic intentions, letter of intent, online portfolio, artistic CV and the proposed date and duration of the residency.
Saco Azul Residencies: The types of residency and vacancies vary in function of projects being developed at the time. Selection is mainly on an invitation basis only, or sporadically via Open Call projects, through Saco Azul's website, wherein the application should be made in accordance with the terms described therein.


Maus Hábitos provides presentation and communication spaces, as well as technical support and services by its own production team, audiovisual, exhibition and performance equipment.
The cost of the residencies is €200/week/room. Costs of travel, food and materials for any works produced during the residency are not included.
Residencies within the Saco Azul’s programmes are financed through projects in which the programmes are inserted, and are carried out at the invitation of the assigned curators.

Additional info

Residency space 

  • Bedroom with 14m² with (accommodation for up to two people):
  • Bathroom
  • Work space
  • Access to the community kitchen, where residents can have their meals
  • Work room with 16m2 
  • Access to the Construction Workshop.

Exhibition room 

  • White Cube with 56m2 
  • Exhibition material as plinths, TV, projector, DVD players, lights, frames

Show room

  • Stage
  • PA
  • Technical cabin with mixing and light table, 
  • Stage lights, robotic lights, smoking machine, projector, projection screen, curtains
  • Versatile audience to sitting or standing public


Spontaneous Residencies: Support in services.
Saco Azul Residencies: support in services and financial support from the Ministry of Culture - General Directorate of the Arts (MC-DGA)
4000€-6000€ - In Residence grant / Porto City Council