Artistic Area

Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Criticism & Literature



Rua da Restauração, 6
4050-499, Porto

+351 226 090 706 / +351 917 125 737


The project KUBIK RESIDENCE, together with KUBIKULO, is an extension, even more structural and vital of KUBIKGALLERY. This project of promotion and dissemination of contemporary art, intends to diversify the proposed artists with the objective of conciliating all the stages of the creative process, research, experimentation and presentation.
KUBIKULO moves alongside of the gallery, an exhibition space visible from the exterior 24/7, that has been receiving artistic interventions since 2014.
KUBIKGALLERY started in 2010 as a space of dissemination for contemporary art and artistic representation featuring Portuguese and foreign artists. The gallery aims to promote the exhibition and circulation of its artists work by participating in international art fairs and by collaborating with other cultural and artistic entities. By doing so, KUBIKGALLERY has been developing an intense and dynamic program inside and outside of Portugal, since 2015 that the gallery works closely with Brazil which has allowed the interchange of artists and several opportunities for the enrichment of their careers.



National and international artists in the field of Visual Arts, Performative Arts and Critique.


Open call by sending a detailed project proposal.
Selection by a committee constituted by a curator, invited annually and by the gallery and KUBIKULO management.


Studio space and accommodation over KUBIKGALLERY and KUBIKULO at Rua da Restauração 6.
The exhibition space KUBIKULO is an integrating part of the residency and the selected artist can use the space for the presentation of the selected project.

Additional info

Residency space:
  • studio
  • accommodation
  • exhibition space

Exhibiting space:
  • KUBIKULO or in some cases KUBIKGALLERY, depending on the type of project / selected artist.


 4000-6000€ - InResidence grant / Porto City Council