Artistic Area

Performing Arts, Visual Arts


CACE Cultural do Porto
Rua do Freixo, 1071, Sala 3
4300-219 Porto

Phone: 939 482 601 
225 189 157


Installed in the old Freixo Thermoelectric Power Station, CRL – Central Elétrica is a residencies and artistic creation center that seeks to reframe part of the deactivated industrial pole, pulsating and generating news forms of energy.

CRL – Central Elétrica marks a new beginning of an artistic project with a long path of activity. Merging into a single acronym CiRcoLando and CentRaL, CRL works on two major core lines – own creations x residences and programming – in an articulated manner, believing that the integrated development of both areas generates unique ways of thinking and doing both.

At the core of CRL – Central Power’s thinking is the idea of a permanent laboratory, a place to investigate, experiment, create and share. A place for risk, for developing ideas and testing possibilities. A place of intersection of generations and geographies, of artists at different stages of their journey: more or less emergent, more or less consolidated.

The performing arts, body and movement arts have a prominent place in Central, with the areas of thought, music, cinema being also regular presences. Disciplinary intersections are one of the hallmarks of the project, arguing that openness to the other and the sharing of its practices is one of the strongest means of structuring singular languages.


Eligible applicants

Individual or collective artists, Portuguese or foreign, from all artistic areas. The available spaces are mainly suited for performing and visual arts.


By sending a project dossier including a synopsis, artwork, biographical note of the associated team, proposal of the duration / timetable of the residency, links to useful information (websites, videos, information about previous projects...).


CRL - Central Elétrica has different independent rooms able to respond to different project phases and needs: research, rehearsals, workshops, production and informal presentations. All the spaces are equipped with sound system and wi-fi. Possibility to use some of Circolando’s lighting, sound and video equipment.


Large rehearsal room with artificial light. The room is divided in two spaces, a stage and a working area or audience. The heating is made with electric heaters. Wood stage: 4.5m (l) x 7.5(w), working area/audience: 16.5m (l) x 9.85m (w), linoleum floor: 10m (l) x 7m (w). Total area; 24m (l) x 9.85m (w) x 4.5m (height to roof beams).


Large rehearsal room with natural light. The heating is made with wood stove and electric heaters. Space equipped with bathroom, Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) wood floor with air-box and linoleum area: 10m (l) x 8m (w), carpeted support area 1,5m (l) x 8m (w) and 5m (h).


Large rehearsal room with natural light. The heating is made with electric heaters. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) wood floor with air-box, linoleum area: 11m (l) x 9.2m (w), total area: 15.8m (l) x 12.5m (w) x 5.5m (h). Limited electrical capacity.


Large rehearsal room with natural light. The heating is made with wood stove and electric heaters. There is access to bathroom. Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) wood floor with air-box, linoleum area: 13m (l) x 9m (w), carpeted support space: 4m (l) x 9,50m (w), basic theatrical rigging system, total area: 17m (l) x 9.5m (w) x 4.5m (h to roof beams). Possibility to hang some light and sound equipment. Limited electrical capacity.


Two-room’s apartment, dedicated exclusively for hosting artists working at CRL - Central Elétrica, with capacity to host 5 persons max. The apartment has 2 bedrooms with bunk beds, a sleeper couch, one bathroom, kitchen equipped with oven, hob, microwave, fridge, coffee machine, toaster and electric coffee maker. Living room, closed porch with washing machine, small terrace and wi-fi.



4000€-6000€ - In Residence grant / Porto City Council