Artistic Area

Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music & Sound, Visual Arts, Criticism & Literature, Film & Video


Contact: pedreira.artresidencies@gmail.com

Website: pedreira.pt

Socials: @pedreira___

Address: Rua Pinto Bessa 290. 4300-427 Campanhã, Porto. Portugal


Pedreira is a collective and artistic platform that has stone sedimentation as a line of practice and claims a deceleration of processes – slow as the formation of stone, giving calm and time necessary to stimulate creative fruition. Pedreira’s artistic methodologies are built in a collaborative dynamic – through healing, listening, experiment, transfeminism, leisure, empowerment, destruction of binary certainties, mutual help, crafts, ancestral practices, radical sharing and the practice of failure as a tool to build utopian and unconventional aesthetics/narratives.
Pedreira platform is responsible for the management of the Warehouse, where the residencies take place.


Eligibility: National or international artists, from any area of research and creation;
Duration: 2 to 4 months.
Selection: Usually by invitation or open-call, framing the theme of the residency with the theme of Pedreira’s platform annual
programmation. Spontaneous proposals are welcomed, accompanied by a portfolio and explanation of the project/idea for the residency.

Parallel to the annual InResidence grant, Pedreira Warehouse also receives Express Residencies. For more information about the conditions of this residency model, contact directly via email pedreira.artresidencies@gmail.com.


Pedreira Warehouse is a self-managed & shared space that fluctuates between an experimental studio, presentation and residency space with other thinkers, artists and creators. It is located near the train station of Campanhã.

Pedreira Warehouse is divided into the following areas:
- 2 Resident rooms with private living room;
- Individual studio/creation area;
- Shared open space for creation and presentation;
- Chill zone with a music area;
- Tattoo studio;
- Kitchen and dining area;
- Storage room.

Additional info

The InResidence grant includes:

- Travel (if applicable) between place of residence and Porto;
- Artist fee with materials included;
- Accommodation and a mezzanine work space;
- Shared open space for creation and presentation;
- Access to tools and equipment available in the workshop;
- Access to common areas and kitchen;
- Residence follow up and recording (digital content).

The Warehouse fights to be a safe and inclusive space to everybody. Any situation leading to racist, xenophobic, sexist or lgbtqia+phobic actions won’t be tolerated.


 4000-6000€ - InResidence grant / Porto City Council